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Lord Puneet Superstar aka Puneet Kumar is a social media star who is known for his funny content on the internet. But apart from those funny videos, he helps many people because of that, people call him Lord Puneet too. Today we will see Puneet Superstar Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight and more information about him.

......Puneet Superstar Biography

Real Name Prakash Kumar

Age 48 years (In 2023)

Birthplace Bihar, India

Currently Residing New Delhi, India

Education D.A.V Public School, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad...........

Known as 'Lord Puneet' or 'Puneet Superstar', this regular man is a curious case of how a nobody can turn into a celebrity with just some crazy antics along with an economical phone with a camera and an Instagram account to showcase the same. And when we say crazy, we mean eccentric, spontaneous, wild and so much more!

The man recently appeared on Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss OTT season 2 and left all the contestants annoyed with his daily habit of doing crazy things - that made him a "superstar" in real life. 

What is Puneet Superstar Net Worth? According to some sources, the net worth of Puneet Kumar is approximately 12 Crore rupees but it can be false as the actor has not confirmed.

Just like you and me, Puneet is a regular guy. His real name is Puneet Kumar. While he said on the show, he is in his mid 30s, he is actually 48 years old. He revealed the same to Lakshay Chaudhary, a YouTuber. Not just that, he also admitted he was behind the poop incident and that he is not a virgin - like he admitted on the show.

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