B pharma 4th semester pharmacognosy imp questions with answer || all unit notes || 40 plus MCQ questions

B pharma 4th semester pharmacognosy imp questions  with answer || all unit notes || 40 plus MCQ questions 

B. Pharma 4th Sem Pharmacognosy Imp Questions (CSVTU)

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pharma 4th semester pharmacognosy imp questions

Pharmacognosy 4th sem. imp questions answers 

 syllabus notes

Most important MCQ question with answer pharmacognosy 4th semester pci syllabus

1. Is Known as the father of medicine?

a) Aristotle 

b) Dioscorides

c) Hippocrates 

d) Galen

Ans: c

2. Drug is not under the class of organized drug :

a) Leaves 

b) flowers

c) Fruits 

d) Gums

Ans: d

3. Drug is not under the seed class :

a) Nux vomica 

b) Digitalis

c) strophanthus 

d) Ispgol

Ans: b

4. Drug which does not belong to leaves class :

a) Senna 

b) Digitalis

c) Eucalyptus 

d) turmeric

Ans: d

5. Drug which does not belong to fruit class :

a) Artemesia 

b) fennel

c) Coriander 

d) Colocynth

Ans: a

6. Dried latex of the drug is used, except :

a) Opium 

b) Gatta parcha

c) Papain 

d) Balsam

Ans: b

7. The roots of following drugs are effective, except :

a) Rauwolfia 

b) Ipecacuanha

c) Turmeric 

d) Aconite

Ans: d

8. Leaves of the following drugs are affective, except:

a) Senna 

b) Digitalis

c) Clove 

d) Vasaka

Ans : c

9. Entire parts of the following drugs are effective, except:

a) Ergot b) Belladonna

c) Ephedra d) Clove


10. Select the drug, which is not belonging to glycoside class?

a) Digitalis b) senna

c) Nux vomica d) Cascara

Ans: b

11. select the drug, which is not belonging to tannin class?

a) Myrobalam d) Pale catechu

c) Ashoka d) Peppermint

Ans: d

12. Drug not belonging to volatile oil class:

a) Peppermint b) Clove

c) Castor oil d) Garlic

Ans : c

13. Select the does not belong to tannin class:

a) Colophony b) Guar gum

c) Acacia d) Agar

Ans : c

14. Select the drug, which is not showing carminative property?

a) dill b) Mentha

c) senna d) Cardamom

Ans : a

15. ______ is not used as expectorant.

a) Ipecacuanha b) Vasaka

c) Liquorice d) atropine

Ans: d

16. ______ is not used as cardiotonics

a) Digitalis b) Cinchona

c) Squill d) Stropanthus


17. Drugs is used as Antihypertensive :

a) Rauwolfia b) Digitalis

c) squill d) Stropanthus

Ans : c

18. ____is used as an adrenergic drug.

a) Ephedra b) Physostigma

c) Pilocarpus d) belladonna

Ans : d

19. ____is not used as CNS depressant.

a) Hyoscyamine b) Belladonna

c) coffee d) Opium

Ans :B

20. Drug do not used as anticancer :

a) Podophyllum b) Curare

c) Camptotheca d) Taxus

Ans : b

21. Drug is not used as antirheumatic :

a) Quassia b) Aconite

c) Colchicum d) Guggul

Ans : d

22. Drug is used as emetic :

a) Agar b) Isapghul

c) Ipecas d) Banana

Ans : c

23. Drug is used as bronchodilator :

a) Tea b) Liquorice

c) Ipecacuanha d) Vasaka

Ans : c

24. Drug is used as antimalarial :

a) Ashwagandha b) Tulsi

c) Ginseng d) Artemesia

Ans : d

25. Is not the function of cell wall of the plant?

a). Protect the protoplast

b) Provide mechanical support to the organ

c) check the rate of transpiration

d) Give green colour to leaf

Ans : b

26. Alkaloids are ________ type of substances.

a) Acid b) Neutral

c) Chemical d) Basic nitrogenous

Ans : d

27. glycosides are condensation products of :

a) Sugar + aglycone b) Sugar + Protein

c) Protein + aglycone d) Fats + aglycone

Ans : a

28. Tannins give colour with iron compound :

a) Pale yellow b) Blue-black

c) Light pink d) Orange

Ans : c

29. The example of capsule fruit is :

a) Radish b) Mustard

c) Cabbage d) Datura

Ans : a

30. Flower bud of drug showing medicinal importance:

a) saffrom b) Clove

c) Fig d) Caraway

Ans : b

31. The term Aril means :

a). Outgrowth originating from micropyle

b) Succulent growth from hileum

c) Enlarged funicle

d) Stiff bristle like appendages

Ans : b

32. The term Arillode means :

a). Outgrowth from micropyle

b) Stiff bristle like appendages

c) Warty outgrowth

d) Enlarged funicle

Ans : b

33. Drug is not an example of organized crude drug :

a) Digitalis b) Cinchona

c) Aloe d) Clove

Ans : a

34. Drug is not an example of unorganized crude drug :

a) Cinchona b) Aloe

c) Agar d) Colophony

Ans : a

35. Balsams contains mainly acids :

a). acetic acid + Benzoic acid

b) Cinnamic acid + hydrochloric acid

c) benzoic acid + Sulphuric acid

d) benzoic acid + Cinnamic acid

 Ans. Mujhe nhi pata hai mujhe mat pucho na 


For pharmacognosy, key topics usually include:

Most important questions jo her saal repit hote hai 

1.  Introduction to Pharmacognosy: History, scope, and development of Pharmacognosy.

2.  Sources of Drugs: Study of natural sources, including plants, animals, and minerals.
3. Classification of Crude Drugs: Different methods of classification, based on various criteria.

4. Adulteration and Evaluation of Crude Drugs: Methods to detect and prevent adulteration.

5. Phytoconstituents: Study of various classes of secondary metabolites found in plants.

6. Pharmacological Importance of Medicinal Plants: Therapeutic uses of important medicinal plants.

7. Ayurvedic and Unani Medicinal Systems: Overview of traditional medicinal practices.

8. Herbal Drugs and Formulations: Preparation and uses of herbal medicines.

9. WHO Guidelines for Herbal Drugs: Regulations and standards for herbal medicines.

10. Biogenetic Pathway of Secondary Metabolites: Biosynthesis of plant secondary metabolites.

11. Plant Tissue Culture: Techniques and applications in pharmacognosy.

12. Alkaloids: Study of alkaloids, their isolation, and identification.

13. Glycosides: Classification and medicinal importance of glycosides.

14. Volatile Oils: Isolation, identification, and uses of volatile oils.

15. Tannins and Resins: Study of tannins, resins, and their uses.

16. Natural Pesticides and Insecticides: Plant-derived compounds for pest control.

17. Standardization and Quality Control of Herbal Drugs: Methods for ensuring drug quality.

18. Trade and Commerce of Medicinal Plants: Overview of the herbal drug industry.

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